lead replacement

Lead water supply pipes?

Acting quickly to replace your lead pipes could save you time and money.

Whilst your local water authority may replace part of your supply pipe (the communication pipe), the homeowner is generally responsible for any  underground lead pipe work from the outside stop tap into the property (see figure below).

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Figure A. Shows a typical property’s connection to the mains water supply, the responsibility for which is divided into two parts:
i) The communication pipe (green) is the responsibility of your water provider and
ii) the supply pipe (red), which connects from the property boundary to the property’s internal pipes, and is your responsibility.

Concerned about Lead in your Water Supply?

All work must comply with the Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999. A plumber not approved under these regulations cannot certify that their work meets the required legal standard (Costing time and money whilst you arrange a Water Regulation inspection).

  •  We are a Water Regulations Approved Plumber
  •  We use ‘trenchless’ methods where possible to minimise costs AND mess
  •  We will CAREFULLY reinstate excavations to the highest of standards

Dont Delay!

You may incur a connection charge if you carry out this work after  the communication pipe has been replaced.

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*Based on information from Thames Water, please check with your local water authority in other regions. Information accurate at time of publication.