Moling -‘Trenchless’ Technology

Groundworks are a messy business. At ALD-UK Ltd, we minimise disturbance to your home using a trenchless technique known as impact moling. We ‘mole’ underground water pipes, cables or ducts beneath driveways, buildings and other structures, reducing costs compared to ‘open cut’ or ‘continuous trench’ methods.

Some advantages

  • Minimal surface disruption/reduced reinstatement costs
  • Faster, and potentially lower overall costs
  • Bypasses surface obstacles leaving driveways and paths undisturbed
  • Reduced interruption to traffic

When do we use moling?

This method is perfect for replacing underground water pipe, for example replacing a lead water supply pipe with plastic. We can also pull cables and cable duct in the same way. Customers often chose this method to install underground cables for electric gate ways or remote CCTV systems.

How does moling work?

Driven by compressed air, a soil displacement hammer – the mole – forces its way through the ground, compacting and displacing the soil rather than removing it. In most cases just two pits are excavated; one to launch the mole and one to receive it.

We check for obstructions, e.g. underground services, and position the mole  to travel a pre-set path from the launch pit. Once in action, the mole creates an underground cavity through which the pipe, cable or duct is pulled.

Impact moling  keeps underground installations clean and tidy. Installing, repairing and replacing underground water services is our specialty, caring for your home is our priority

Impact moling diagram

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